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What are the Popular Job Websites or Employment Portals in India for 2018-19. Job Seekers apply online for Hiring Recruitment and vacancies | Employers and recruiters post Free Jobs


Free Job Posting Sites in India for Employers and Recruiters. List of Job sites in India for Experienced candidates.


A list of top 10 job portals that are most popular with a highest number of unique monthly online users base.

Free Job Portals for Recruiters and Employers in India:

For Candidates:

If you are a new or experienced job seeker and have no idea how to get placed in the desired company for the intended job profile in a certain location, then read this post to know about the best employment and career related websites where you can submit your resume free and search the suitable jobs.
If you have just completed your studies and want to search Freshers job openings then visit the sites and upload or submit your resume at least on 5-10 portals. Naukri.com and Monster.com are such types of portals where thousands of new jobs are published across India for all types of vacancies.
The job websites mentioned here have highest number of job listings in India. The websites are actually great classifieds for searching jobs in throughout India. (also read : Job Interview tips for candidates ). 

Consultants/employers/HR recruiters :

If you are facing a pressing responsibility of recruiting the apt employees for your company or organization, then this list of top 10 job websites will not only show you the right direction but also give you the highly needed relief and ease from the tedious recruitment process. You can easily post free jobs online in India and filter the right candidates for your organization.

Types of Job Portals


[ There are mainly top 5 types of online job portals in India as per their leading job offering features, way of working, job listing, and other attributes as listed below ]


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#1. Regular job portals that focus only on job listings and candidates online applications. This is the main and basic category where all job websites belong to, in traditional sense.


#2. Job search engines websites or portals – these types of job portals have become very common since the popularity of Indeed.com, Career Jet, and Simply Hired.


#3. Job classifieds websites that offer job opening updates along with online classified ads and allow users to apply online for any posted vacancies. This trend started back with the sites like Craigslist and Gumtree, etc. Now OLX, Quikr, Click.in, etc are pulling a lot of search engine traffic to their job listings.


#4. Social Media job websites. Since the inception of LinkedIn, there started a competition among many social networking sites to connect professional people on a platform where they could also search and apply for jobs listed/syndicated on their professional networking site ! Skills Pages, Glassdoor are doing it perfectly.


#5. Job syndication network websites– many websites started showing job listings taken from other popular job portals to their online users and also offered them to apply for the jobs through redirection to the original/main job website.


Top 5 Job Portals in India for employers and Job Seekers




#1. Monster.com – No#1 job portal in the World and No#1 IT Software job Website in India:




Since its inception 16 years ago, monster.com has revolutionized the way job seekers meet employers. With close to 30 resumes uploaded and 7900 jobs searched every minute on this site, there is no doubt that monster.com is in the list of top employment websites in India.

Monster.com– Was started in 1999 and began growing at a very fast rate, finally moving to the number #1 position as a best job portal around the world. It has a global appeal and it’s offering online job posting and searching services in most of the populated countries in the world.

Monster.com became a landmark job portal for information technology and software jobs, later in recent years it started dominating in other job listings, such as BPO, marketing, management, Insurance, BFSI, education, etc. Monster.com offers good job posting as well as resume submission and employment searching facilities.

Monster for job seekers:

  • Job hunting is a walk in the park at this site, as it has a network of top companies and organizations that hire a lot of people at regular intervals. At this site, you are exposed to the right employer depending on location, function and industry. You also get the latest government jobs, contract jobs and special ability jobs.
  • Monster.com is a great employment search engine and resume submission job portal services, specially for  IT/software/technical/engineering related jobs.
  • Millions of jobs are posted on Monster.com for any type of industry or work type. From junior level to management or higher level , all types of employments get listed on Monster.com. Even candidates who want to apply for jobs out of India, can submit their CV as Monster offers you an international exposure through their global employer base.
  • Simple, easy to use, and faster browsing experience are added advantages on being listed on Monster.com. All in all, Monster.com is a great job portal where you should submit your CV.

Monster for employers:


Monster.com offers a holistic approach to recruitment and staffing that epitomizes the current technological and technical trends in various fields.

This way, the employer is assured of getting the most qualified candidates for the various positions in the most efficient and cost-effective way. In short, monster.com allows employers to hire in a way that no one else can.




#2. Naukri.com



Naukri.com- Indias Premium Site for Employers to post jobs online


Naukri.com is the biggest Indian Job posting site for employers and recruiters. It is the most favorite job search engine for candidates and it was formed in 1997. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially to become India’s top job site. In fact, according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, Naukri.com is the best job site in India.


Naukri for Job seekers:


Naukri.com encapsulates placement of every job seeker at the forefront of constructive transformation in a work environment that nurtures invention and innovation.


Perhaps that why it has job posts from all sectors of the economy, ranging from premium engineering jobs to government, and international jobs. Moreover, the monthly Naukri JobSpeak report sheds some light on the modern recruitment trends, staffing philosophies and insightful employment statistics that enlighten the jobseeker.


Steve Jobs once said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you want to do great work, register at Naukri.com and post your CV on the site’s database, then wait for the job of your dreams. You will know your resume score and get matched jobs and walk-in jobs through on your email.


You will also get important notifications, promotions and alerts, and that is the way to getting a job in which you will love what you do. Indeed, Naukri.com is the best employment site for any job seeker.



Naukri for Recruiters and Employers:


The relationship between the employers and jobseekers at Naukri.com can be compared with the hen and egg phenomenon: who comes first? Are the highly-qualified job seekers the reason for the increased number of top-notch recruiters or is it these recruiters who draw job seekers to them?


Either way, Naukri.com is the leading job site for employers. It allows employers from all the sectors of the economy to post jobs, browse CVs, manage responses and learn the latest HR practice and trends.



#3. Timesjob.com




timesjobs.com- a popular job board in India


This is a job portal that forms part of the larger Times Business Solutions Limited services. It creates a platform where those looking for jobs, property or matrimonial services meet the providers of these services.



Timesjob.com for job seekers:



Millions of jobs are just a click away at timesjob.com. You only need to specify your skills, designation, location and experience and get a myriad of jobs to choose from. You can further refine your search by function, role, or company. Obviously, you need to register and login in order to maximize your job search experience.


Registering with timesjob.com allows top recruiters to reach you whenever need arises. You also get a list of matching jobs regularly. This makes it easy for you to get the job of your dreams, and it is thus safe to say that passion in job search has its place at timesjob.com.



Timesjob.com for Recruiters and Employers:



There are various factors that make timesjob.com tick for employers. To begin with, it allows them to hire the most appropriate candidates for their open positions. The recruiters’ zone features efficient and convenient recruitment systems that allow employers to connect with top professionals, amplify their job advertisements and engage with leading recruitment consultants. The ability to buy a variety of services online adds color to the already good package.


#4. Shine.com



Shine.com-An Outstanding job Portal in India for consultants and candidates alike!



Shine.com is among the fastest growing recruitment portals in India. It is among the first job sites to integrate Facebook hiring solutions into its operations, making it the job site of choice for both recruiters and job searchers.



Shine.com for job seekers:



Just like many job portals, shine.com has its own unique features that attract job seekers to it like moths to flames. To begin with, it offers a wide variety of jobs, depending on the city, skills, courses, education and designation specified. With a network of about 14000 recruiters and approximately 220000 jobs currently, shine.com is a great job site for job searchers in India and other parts of the world.



Shine.com for employers:



Appropriate staffing is at the heart of every successful organization. This is what the recruitment package offered by shine engenders. No wonder it is ranked among the best job site for recruiters. On top of the ability to buy tailor-made recruitment packages at customer friendly terms, shine.com also allows recruiters to find suitable candidates, post jobs for free and to get the branding solutions they have always looked for.



#5. Skillpages.com


Skillpages.com is a social directory site that connects skilled people to recruiters looking for professionals in various fields. It is available in English and Spanish.



Skillpages.com for Recruiters:



If you want to get any of your jobs done by the most suitable candidate, post it on skillpages.com for free. Skillpages.com will then look for the most suitable service professional according to the job description. You will receive applications after which you will be able to pick your desired professional.

You can view the recommendations of the service professional as well as examples of work done. Easy online management is an extra feather to the hat. Indeed, hiring has never been easier and cheaper.



Skillpages.com for job seekers:



Skillpages.com offers photographers, content writers, developers, graphic designers and other service professionals the opportunity to meet prospective employers and grow in their careers.

Job hunters can register and create profiles that will attract the right employer. Remember that the employers are looking for professionals, so you have a chance to show the word how far you can go in you your profession. This gives this site the cutting edge over and above its competitors.



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...and here are the rest of the 5 job websites in India for 2016 that are quite popular among candidates and employers:-


#6.   Indeed Job search engine in India

#7.   www.careesma.in

#8.   www.careerbuilder.co.in

#9.   www.freshersworld.com

#10. www.placementindia.com

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