Job Posting Rules, Policies, and Guidelines for Recruiters, Companies, HR executives, Placement Agents

Rules and Guides to follow before posting jobs on

Job posting rules and policies on Inityjobs| How to get maximum benefits for your submitted job listings?| How to rank your job post higher than others?

Please note these simple rules and guidelines before submitting a job on The Job postings violating these rules will be deleted and not published on the site. is a free job portal and we don’t charge anything from the consultants and companies. You can post unlimited jobs on Inityjobs. But, in response to this service you need to stick to our guidelines which we follow strictly and we allow only those job posting go live on our site that follow our simple and easy rules and guidelines.

Please cooperate with us in order to make the site neat, clean, and useful for our visitors.

Here are the simple rules that cover our policies regarding job posting-

  • Don’t submit/post duplicate or multiple jobs with the same details.
  • Post only the unique, fresh, new, different job opening that you haven’t submitted earlier on this site.
  • We moderate each submitted job listing and check for the originality.
  • Don;t use ALL CAPS in your description.
  • Provide at least 100 words job description. Be as descriptive as you can. It is very helpful in getting good attention for your listings from the visitors.
  • Best practice write a unique, original, and different description for your job listing and it will surely go LIVE on our site. Do Not just copy-paste your job which you have already submitted to thousands of sites. Try to make your job description as unique as possible. And, your job posting will be getting huge page views, traffic, and attention from our visitors. A fresh content always ranks higher than others. So, to get maximum benefits, always moderate your job description and try to make it as different as possible from others.

All of your submitted jobs will surely go LIVE on our site, Once you have read the above carefully and have followed the guidelines properly while posting a job. Thank you.